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soldiers' story

Last week... with the help of Washington Post reporter Dana Priest... we told you the story of the overflowing facilities at Walter Reed that caused military officials to put wounded soldiers in a reconfigured old hotel... with some startling problems.  Since then, the Defense Secretary has launched an investigation into the situation and veterans across the country have voiced their anger and concern.  Now, there is new information about the bureaucratic problems facing war veterans trying to obtain disability benefits from the Army.  NBC's John Yang will have the story tonight.

In Iraq, protests today after U.S. forces arrested the son of a prominent Shiite political leader.  There was more violence today as well.  Insurgents detonated a truck bomb outside a Sunni mosque in the town Habbaniyah 15 miles west of Baghdad.  At least 37 were killed and more than 60 were injured.  NBC's Jane Arraf will have that story from Baghdad.

NBC's Tom Costello takes a closer look at the new x-ray machines that are part of a pilot program at the Phoenix airport... and what TSA employees can really see with these machines.

Internet addiction is becoming a major problem in China. NBC's Ian Williams will tell us how the government is trying to rehabilitate the addicted computer users.

NBC's Lisa Daniels tells us about a new cigarette campaign that is targeting women.

As we approach tomorrow's Oscar broadcast... NBC's Peter Alexander reports on the challenges facing child actors.

It's all coming up tonight.  We hope to see you then.