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The envelope, please

Heady issues at today's White house briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto. Reaction to Iran's nuclear activities, the Senate's possible vote on reauthorizing funding for U.S. troops in Iraq, North Korea, and VP Cheney's comments on Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.

But what amused reporters most was the back-and-forth about the Oscars. No presidential picks today, but a little insight into what he's seen.

Question: What are the President's Oscar picks? And has he screened any of the films? (Laughter.)
Fratto: But you're not interested in whether I've screened them, or my views on them?
Question: ...the President of the United States, for whom you are the assistant and...
Fratto: And film critic.
Question: Has he seen any...?
Fratto: He has. He has. He has seen -- I think for certain he has seen -- of the pictures nominated for best picture, he has seen "The Queen." He has seen "Letters from Iwo Jima." And not nominated for best picture, but a great picture, is "Last King of Scotland," which he saw also. So I'm not sure what else he might have seen.
Question: He saw "Amazing Grace," didn't he?
Fratto: Oh, yes. That was screened here...
Question: Does he agree with...?
Fratto: He doesn't share those with me.

So will President Bush watch Sunday night? No, he's hosting a big gala at the White House with the nation's governors. He can always catch the winners the next morning on the TODAY show.