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Thursday lineup

We are, shall we say, still ordering the stories at the top of the broadcast. We have some enterprise reporting that we are proud of and that we will feature, in addition to updates on Iraq and Iran and domestic politics. We'll talk education and we'll talk about Prince Harry's future. Also and notably: tonight we read directly from viewer e-mails as part of our "Trading Places" series -- answers about elder care provided by Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

There may be a new benchmark in the annals of self-involvement and self-absorption. It was impossible, from our perch inside a television network, NOT to watch the judge in the "ANS" case in Florida -- a hearing, after all, to decide where burial of a dead woman should take place, which the judge somehow managed to make... about himself. Weeping while reading his own decision... really sealed it. The various legal experts reacting after the fact were not amused, and many have launched some very serious charges about the mismanagement of the hearing and the obvious flaws in the "ruling." He was accused, among other things (and by MSNBC's Susan Filan among others), of asking prurient questions out of sheer personal curiosity. It was a new cultural high point. And to think of all the times when former Chief Justice Rehnquist was able to hold himself together -- without tears -- while announcing decisions in cases that were only slightly more important to the Republic than this one.

One of the more interesting business stories of the week which has been crowded out by other matters was the decision of British Airways to purchase more Boeing 777s over rival Airbus. Another story mentioned at our editorial meeting was Wimbledon's decision -- at long last -- to equalize men's and women's winnings. That they were not equal came as a surprise to those of us who do not follow tennis.

We hope you can join us for the broadcast tonight.