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Going home

The story that broke just before air last night may continue to dominate tonight: the decision by the Brits to bring their superb soldiers home from Iraq, starting with the first phased withdrawal not long from now. While I note that some reports say this is all about keeping Prince Harry out of the fight, something tells me it's about much more than that. We're also on "verdict watch" in the Libby trial, which one of these nights will give us a lead story, I'm quite sure. The fallout continues from the Walter Reed story, and the controversy continues over the HPV vaccination. As I stressed in an editorial meeting today (when I realized I was the only person in the room from the following demographic), this story takes on an intensely personal cast for those of us who are fathers of teenage daughters. Anne Thompson will have tonight's installment of "Trading Places" with her story about the business (and risks and rewards) of long-term care insurance. We'll also have a story tonight on some of the Web businesses that you may see advertised -- the ones that promise cut-rate, easy-to-get prescription drugs. All it took to bust them open was some sleuth work by law enforcement. There are many more out there, however.

May I mention one thing that we're very proud of around here? Hearing no objection, here it is: loyal viewers will recall that during our last trip to New Orleans, we highlighted the plight of the firefighters there -- especially the men of Engine 7, living and working out of a trailer after their firehouse was destroyed. So many people saw the story -- and were moved by it to act and to give -- we're now told the New Orleans Fire Department has enough pledges of money to rebuild and refurbish virtually every firehouse in the city. That makes us happy.

My thanks to Wynton Marsalis for providing us with such a beautiful moment at the end of last night's broadcast. It was different for us -- if you missed it, please watch the video.

We hope you can join us for our Wednesday broadcast.