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Marching On

The war in Iraq continues to makes news this weekend.  In Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver and many other cities... thousands of Americans marched against the war.  In Iraq... there was more violence and death.  We have reports from NBC's John Yang in Washington... Jane Arraf in Baghdad... and we'll hear from the wife of an American soldier on his way to Iraq.

Senator Hillary Clinton is on the campaign trail today.  She spoke to a crowd in Iowa today... one of the key states in the 2008 race for the democratic nomination. Potential republican candidate Rudy Giuliani is in New Hampshire.  NBC's Chip Reid will have the story.

NBC's Charles Hadlock reports on the growing number of home foreclosures in this country... a nightmare for some... it may be an opportunity for others.

If you're planning a trip to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean then you'll want to watch Kevin Tibbles' story tonight.  The U.S. has new rules for Americans returning from those places... and you're going to need to have your passport. And there are more rule changes coming.  We'll explain.

And from Florida an interesting story about alligators... and the problems they can pose from workers just trying to do their jobs.  NBC's Mark Potter reports.

It's all coming up tonight.  We hope to see you then.