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The day after

Senator Chuck Hagel will likely dominate the airwaves tonight, as he did cable news earlier today, with his comments on Iraq. Just hours after the President's motorcade cleared Capitol Hill last night, Senators (mostly Democrats, though likely enough Republicans to avoid a filibuster), started talks on acceptable language for one or more resolutions against the President's policy. Last night's atmospherics and theatrics received almost as much attention and analysis as the content of the evening: the stand/sit dilemma, the President's classy and clever opening tribute to the Speaker, the Democratic Response by Senator Webb, and the subdued nature of the evening on the whole. The political atmosphere could not be more charged.

We'll reflect all of it on the broadcast tonight, with the help of Chip Reid, David Gregory, Tim Russert and Ron Allen. We have additional reports on women's health and our returning veterans tonight.

And an aside: I love my job, every day of it, but one writer to this blog in particular neatly summarized the "no-win" nature of the media and political landscape these days:

I noticed today that you were criticized by those on the left for suggesting that Sen. Clinton had changed her announce date because of Obama... and then criticized by those on the right for giving her an easy time on that issue. Save that clip for journalism classes! A perfect example of critics seeing what they want to see and hearing what they want to hear. Guess if you're accused of bias on both sides you're doing a fair job!
Chris in Topeka

My thanks to Chris, along with my thanks to all who watch, read and post, every day. We couldn't do this without you.

We hope you can join us tonight, back home in New York.