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Busy Saturday

This is a busy news day on several fronts.  We are following a helicopter crash in Baghdad that killed 13 Americans.  But there are few details.  We are still gathering information and NBC's Mike Boettcher will have the latest from Baghdad.

Presidential politics is in the news tonight.  Sen. Hillary Clinton has officially decided to get into the race for the democratic nomination for President.  Senator Sam Brownback made the same decision on the Republican side today.  And tomorrow we are expecting New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to join the field of democrats running for the nomination.  Some major political developments this weekend and NBC's Chip Reid will have the latest tonight.

At the White House President Bush met with his Secretary of State and new Defense Secretary today to discuss his new plan for Iraq.  NBC's John Yang will have that story.

We also will bring you the latest on the winter weather that has been dumping a sheet of ice on places like Oklahoma knocking out power to thousands.  NBC's Don Teague is there.

NBC's Charles Hadlock will tell us how new DNA evidence helped prove that a man had been wrongly convicted of a serious crime 25 years ago.

And NBC's Mike Taibbi with the story of a new law in Bangor Maine that makes it illegal for drivers to smoke... if they have a child under the age of 18 in the car.

It's all coming up tonight.  We hope to see you then.