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Busy Friday

A brief rundown of the calendar leading to this moment: a two-hour meeting with producers; a meeting with the division president; a meeting with Jane Arraf, our visiting veteran Bagdhad correspondent (who will be joining us on the air tonight); a videotaped interview in my office for an hour-long documentary MSNBC is producing; a telephone interview for a trade publication; and other events too minor to mention.  In short, a thoroughly busy Friday, capped off by a flight to Atlanta right after the broadcast, where I will be moderating several panel discussions tomorrow at the Carter Center -- which I understand is being broadcast live on C-SPAN.  Now, to matters much more important: the news we're reporting on for tonight.

The front-page story in both today's New York Times and Washington Post told a story reminiscent of the "atmospherics" of the Cold War era in this country: the Chinese had pulled off a first -- blasting a satellite out of space from a ground station. While scientists, space specialists and others in the trade might know much more than we civilians, it was viewed and analyzed as a major statement (at minimum) and an unwelcome weaponization of space (at most). The central question: how is our world a safer place because of this? 

Also tonight, what one cable network was calling "Nancy Pelosi's OWN State of the Union" -- and what a White House spokeswoman called a "soundbite war" underway in Washington. At this moment, Bernie Kerik is on Fox looking concerned, and just said, "For some reason, we don't have the resolve we had in World War I and World War II."

Additionally, tonight we measure the achievements of the new Democratic management in the House based on the expectations and predictions of the "first 100 hours."

If you haven't seen the pictures of the weather in Europe, please tune in if only for that -- Dawna Friesen will have our report. Also tonight: the great Saints of New Orleans and the great things they've done for that city...and our "Making A Difference" segment tonight -- it's a winner.

We all wish you a good and safe weekend. We hope you can join us for our broadcast tonight, and hope additionally to see you on Monday evening. Thanks for joining us this past week.