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Ice, Ice...

This has been a strange winter so far... now it's getting stranger.  A major storm is covering the Midwest with ice tonight... a layer of more than 1 inch in some places.  There are warnings as far south as Texas.  Oklahoma and Missouri have been hit hard, and in California some cold temperatures that are threatening the citrus crop.  We'll have more from Don Teague in Oklahoma... and Peter Alexander in California.

Also, NBC's Robert Bazell will tell us about the discovery of a gene associated with the most common form of Alzheimer's.  We'll find out what it means for future treatment of the disease.

NBC's Kevin Tibbles has the story of the man charged with kidnapping two boys in Missouri 4 years apart.  The boys were found together on Friday.

NBC's Kevin Corke is following the debate over Iraq in Washington… as the President tries to sell his new strategy to the American people.

We will hear about how technology is changing medical care.  NBC's Nancy Snyderman takes a look at a "medical internet" where people can compile their health records in one location ... allowing doctors access to everything from prescriptions to family histories.

And we will show you some incredible pictures from California... a scene that has birdwatchers looking up.

It's all coming up tonight.  We hope to see you then.