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Waiting and watching

By the time this is posted, the situation may well have entirely changed. It has been that kind of day. When our correspondents got word that the execution of Saddam Hussein was imminent, our network kicked into high gear... everyone is essentially on standby. That was many hours ago. And it may be many hours from now before we have any sense of when the execution will take place.

Trying to predict has been a confusing exercise. Our correspondent in Baghdad, Richard Engel, has done a stellar job of outlining the basic scenarios on timing and the debate now taking place on our sister blog 'Blogging Baghdad.' Richard will be updating as he can. Also worth noting is another entry on yet another sister blog, 'Hardblogger' from Lt. Col. Rick Francona and how the execution is personal for him.

As I write, we are watching live pictures of St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Palm Desert, Calif. Former First Lady Betty Ford, her four children, seven grandchildren and one of her great-grandchildren are receiving the casket with the remains of the former President. The casket was carried past Mrs. Ford by a military honor guard. A private service for the family is taking place at the church this afternoon led by the Ford family's pastor. The family has been attending the church for years. On tonight's broadcast we will update you on the events of today.

In addition, Andrea Mitchell has a piece tonight with more revelations on the former President's thinking... what he really thought of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and wife Barbara and also former President Reagan.

We also are still watching that massive storm in Colorado. It has dumped more than a foot of snow in Denver and more than two feet in some of the surrounding areas. Hundreds of flights have been canceled, making for a tough travel situation on yet another holiday weekend. We will have the very latest tonight. See you then.