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The No. 1 issue for Bush

It is issue No. 1 for the President right now: a new strategy for Iraq. But is the President any closer to making a decision on just what that strategy should be? After a meeting today with his top national security advisors, the President said he needs still more input. Much of the reporting suggests the President is leaning toward a surge in the number of American forces, as many as 30,000 additional troops whose mission would be to secure Baghdad and Anbar. But top White House officials say Mr. Bush is not ready to make his case to the American people just yet. Kelly O'Donnell is in Crawford, Texas, with the President and will have more for us tonight.

The White House is also making plans for the President to take part in services to honor former President Gerald Ford. And adding an interesting twist ... Ford is getting in his final words on the current President's handling of the war in Iraq. In an interview with journalist Bob Woodward, Ford called the decision to go to war a "big mistake" and was sharply critical of how the administration tried to justify the decision. The interview was conducted a few years back for a Woodward book. Andrea Mitchell will have more on this story tonight.

And also ... a look ahead to 2008. Former Senator John Edwards is making it official. Today the Democrat announced he will seek his party's nomination for President. Chip Reid will have the details.

See you tonight.