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Tonight's broadcast

Brian has the night off, and I'll be anchoring the broadcast tonight.

We're in Baghdad where an appeals court moved swiftly today to OK the execution of Saddam Hussein.  He is now scheduled to put to death within the month.  Richard Engel, who has returned to Iraq for the first time in seven weeks, is measuring reaction and how Hussein's execution could affect the ongoing civil war.

Then, you've come a log way Dolly.  Ten years after a sheep became the first cloned animal, a recent government decision could lead to milk and meat from cloned animals ending up on your dinner table. Tom Costello will report on why scientists think it's safe.

Also tonight, many of us have been humming James Brown hits today, as we ponder the Christmas Day loss of this bigger-than-life musical icon.  We've dug deep into our archives for some classic James Brown moments, as we look at the indelible influence his music had on so many popular musicians today, and why we'll likely be humming those tunes for years and years to come.
I hope you can join us.