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Christmas Eve

As we begin the process of putting together NBC Nightly News on this Christmas Eve, we are reminded there are those of us who will go home to celebrate the holidays with our families tonight... and those who won't.  Members of the U.S. military overseas... especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan are in our thoughts... and so are our NBC News colleagues who are far from home... bringing us information from around the world.   You will see and hear some of them in tonight's broadcast.

Even though it's a holiday... this is a busy news day.  It's a dangerous weekend for U.S. troops.  From Baghdad... NBC's Jim Maceda reports on how Americans there are spending Christmas Eve... as well as some Christian Iraqis.

In Afghanistan many U.S. troops are in the freezing mountains... fighting the Taliban... as NBC's Martin Fletcher reports.

And from another hotspot... the DMZ between North and South Korea... NBC's Martin Savidge tells us about the 28 thousand U.S. troops still on duty there.

We'll hear from NBC's Kevin Corke at the White House... who is reporting on the big decisions facing the President.

NBC's Jennifer London tells us about how millions of Americans are faring as they head home.  NBC's Lisa Daniels will take a look at last-last minute shopping.

From Bethlehem... NBC's Mike Boettcher will show us how thousands of pilgrims came to see the birthplace of Jesus.

And we'll find out how the people of New Orleans are celebrating their second Christmas since hurricane Katrina... from NBC's Ron Mott.

All of us here at NBC News want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We'll see you tonight.