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The Saturday Before...

With millions of Americans traveling this weekend... the focus has been on one area that has felt the brunt of Mother Nature. Denver.  There are still thousands of people stranded there... and according to officials it's unlikely they'll make it home until after Christmas.  Lori Hirose has the latest on their struggle to get home and the travel picture across the country.

Word today from the United Nations of sanctions against Iran for pursuing its nuclear program.  But what will those sanctions really mean for Iran?  NBC's Kevin Corke has reaction from the White House... and he'll report on the next step for President Bush as he considers changing course in Iraq.

NBC's Jim Maceda is embedded with American troops in Iraq who are working with the Iraqi police on security.

NBC's Martin Fletcher reports on how American soldiers' are spending this Christmas away from home.

We'll find out from Margaret Brennan how many last minute shoppers are out hitting the malls this year.

From Durham N.C. tonight, the latest on the Duke rape case and the criticism facing the District Attorney.  NBC's Ron Mott reports.

And "In Their Own Words" tonight... we'll hear the Christmas wishes of America soldiers overseas... through letters and messages to their families.

It's all coming up tonight.  We hope to see you then.