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Going where the news is

DENVER-- Sometimes it is a logistical challenge to cover the news. Just getting here was an adventure.
I left Mount Hood where I was covering the tragic mountain climbing incident, when my bosses asked: "Do you think you can get to Denver?"

I made it on a plane as far as Salt Lake City. That's where the real adventure began. Paul Thiriot, an NBC cameraman, and I drove and drove and drove and drove. Finally, in blinding snow, past Rabbit Ear Pass, we could go no more. The roads were thick with snow, the visibility less than 3 feet, and there was another surprise.

The deer.

The animals were venturing onto the snow-covered roads.  We missed a buck, then some other deer. Finally, we decided we'd call it quits.

We slept a few hours in Dillon, Colo.  Thankfully we found rooms.

Today, we woke up early. We drove, slowly, carefully and finally, after several hours, we made it into Denver.

Tonight, we'll have a look at some of the challenges facing those here, and we'll meet a family with tickets to the Sunday Steelers-Ravens game.  They're on a mission, and as you'll see, Mother Nature will not stop them. No matter what.