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Monday outlook

I am posting today from a black van on the Jersey Turnpike, heading back from a memorial service for a member of the extended NBC News family. Some viewers may have noticed a small graphic at the conclusion of Friday's broadcast, marking the death of Jean Capus, the mother of NBC News President Steve Capus. We had a large delegation there today, in support of our friend and his family.
We have just concluded our afternoon editorial meeting, which our traveling delegation monitored by speakerphone from the road. The top of the broadcast is in a bit of flux, and some of it will depend on the readout we will get from David Gregory, who has spent much of the day on board Air Force One with the President. The aircraft has landed in Estonia, and the "en route" reporting is trickling out right now.

We'll update the situation in Iraq, where today the curfew was lifted. We will also reference our decision today (after much consultation over the weekend with our colleagues, fellow journalists, historians, analysts and members of the military, both present and former) to describe the fighting in Iraq as a Civil War. We believe it is a more accurate reflection of what is happening there, and there was a fair amount of reaction to the decision today... even though a number of news organizations have already made a similar call.
Also tonight, we will cover the story dominating the news in New York -- the fatal police shooting that resulted in 50 rounds being fired. We'll look at retail sales, and we will continue our series on "What Works."

We hope you can join us for our Monday night broadcast.

Editor's note: For more on NBC's decision to characterize the situation in Iraq a Civil War, click here. And for additional insight from NBC Middle East Bureau Chief Richard Engel, please click here.