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If you landed on this planet today after a few years away, you would think nothing has changed since 2004. President Bush is about to take a shot at Sen. John Kerry in a speech to be delivered in a few minutes. Kerry seemed to be saying today: he's been Swift-boated for the last time. The President is going to say that Kerry needs to apologize to those in uniform. We will cover the moving parts in what got us to this point tonight. The Dems are going with the following: Kerry botched a joke and should now quiet down and let them run their races around the country. The Reps seem to be saying: Kerry made an elitist statement, implying that a life without education means entering the Armed Forces as a default or last resort -- and that means service in Iraq.

We will also cover the moving parts in Iraq -- the REAL issue behind today's political dustup between the two men who ran in the last election.

We are unveiling a new poll tonight. Tim Russert will have the numbers from Washington.

Don't miss today's Wall Street Journal story about the most important component in commercial aviation today: the Ziplock bag. It would almost be funny were it not so true at security checkpoints around the country. 

We have a special report on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome tonight, and another on the Hubble space telescope. And while I realize that many of you will be answering the door constantly for candy-hungry goblins, we hope you can join us for tonight's broadcast.