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More about the dreaded 'Jody'

Editor's note: Richard's story on Thursday's broadcast, about the stress U.S. troops face in the field and back at home, drew a considerable amount of response. One item in particular stirred up debate, so he wrote more about it in Blogging Baghdad. Here's an excerpt, with a link to the full post below.

How war has changed. Saigon: Comfort women, an embarrassing shot from the medic, booze, pot, secrets from wives at home. Soldiers here say, "not this time."

Now they're worried the tables have turned, and that the soldiers' wives are on the make while they live like monks on bases.

"The extent of our social lives is a trip to the porta-john with an FHM magazine," a soldier told me.  The troops here worry about "The Jody."


I'd never heard of it. I know al-Qaida in Iraq, the Mahdi army, and other nefarious death squads that want to kill American troops. But Jody? I drew a blank. 

A soldier filled me in: "Jody is the guy back home with you wife or your girlfriend," he said, suddenly deadly serious. "He's the guy hiding behind a corner, behind the curtain, hiding in the closet."

Read the rest in Blogging Baghdad.