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Those of us who have to deal with New York City traffic every day will be anxious to see the end of the gathering at the U.N. It occurred to me today that the Bush Administration will be equally anxious to see it end, for reasons having nothing to do with traffic flow.

Another foreign leader used his visibility on this week's world stage to take a broad swing at President Bush today. It doesn't get much worse than calling the President "the devil," but Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did. We'll look at his speech and talk about what it means (especially when combined with the comments made to us by the Iranian President yesterday) tonight with David Gregory.

What a fascinating color photograph of President Bush on page one of most print editions of today's New York Times [link requires NYTimes.com login]. If you look closely, you can see what the President does to his prepared remarks... going over them with his Sharpie (his pen of choice) to emphasize and break up expressions. It appears that virtually every line is underlined, with breaks right where the President wants them for emphasis during delivery. 

It has suddenly occurred to people who've filled up their tanks this week that gasoline prices are falling... rapidly. We'll look at what might be behind this development. Tonight there's also better news from NASA, a fascinating political story out of Virginia... and the e-mailers get equal time tonight. So many opinions, so little time...