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After a day of everything BUT the broadcast -- meetings, planning, talking -- we're now settling down to write and stack things. The weather makes for a fascinating story tonight: The number of states in cloud cover due to a tropical storm in the east, the sudden force of the western hurricane, and the projected path of all the wind, rain and precipitation during a weekend when so many Americans will be on the move. We'll cover it all tonight.

Also: domestic politics, the situation in Iraq, the fracas over nicotine levels -- and everything you've ever wanted to know about annuities.

Also -- and notably tonight -- we'll read some of your emails. Here's a hint: there's no shortage of them!

We've all joked that it will be impossible to escape from 30 Rock after the newscast. The MTV VMA's are going on here tonight. The pre-show screams are audible with each early arrival outside my window right now -- we're in for quite a ride tonight.

Please be kind enough to join Campbell Brown on the broadcast tomorrow night, as we drive our daughter to college. Have a good weekend. See you next week.