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Behind the scenes in New Orleans

Now that our two-day trip to New Orleans is coming to an end, I have time to share some photos shot by NBC News folks in the field.

First, the backdrop for Tuesday's broadcast... what used to be 2120 Tennessee Street, washed or blown into the 2200 block, in the Lower Ninth Ward:

Photo by Roxanne Garcia, NBC News

Here's what the set looked like in a rare quiet moment before Tuesday's broadcast:

Photo by Roxanne Garcia, NBC News

Ever wonder how they shoot the sweeping aerial shots that show you the devastation's scope? Here's cameraman Ray Farmer in the construction lift:

Photo by, yes, Roxanne Garcia, NBC News

As for how the network sends all the live images to your TV screen, here's the satellite truck nicknamed "SwampBoy," which covers the Southeastern U.S. and more for NBC News:

Photo by Roxanne Garcia, NBC News

They'll hate me for doing this, but here is Team Brian Williams, at least editorially, during this trip.  Front left is producer Subrata De, next to her is producer Jean Harper, and in the background, left, is associate producer Megan Marcus, and right, producer John Zito.

Photo by, you guessed it! Roxanne Garcia, NBC News.

Finally, my favorite image of the trip, taken by Nightly News intern (and New Orleans native) Jed Strong, of Brian on set Monday. He's a junior this year at Northwestern, but he's already got quite an experienced eye.