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A small representation of the snowglobes adorning Nightly News Executive Producer John Reiss's office. Photo by Nightly News Web Producer Constance Parten

On Sunday, Brian blogged about the predicament travelers face with bottled water these days. You can't take it on board in a bottle due to new security regulations. Brian discovered you couldn't even have it in a plastic bottle if you're in Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. 

As my family waited for our flight to leave Logan Airport in Boston last Thursday, I remembered one last minute trinket I had forgotten to get while we were in Red Sox Nation. I needed a Red Sox snowglobe for a certain executive producer who is both a snowglobe collector and a rabid Yankees fan. 

Easy, right? I went from gift shop to newsstand to tchotchke store to find that Red Sox snowglobe. Finally, I found a Red Sox souvenir stand near Jet Blue. STILL No luck. I asked the saleswoman if there had been a run on snowglobes. (Seriously: considering last week's games, there should have been a surplus.)

"No," she said, "we can't sell them in the airport anymore because of security regulations. You're not allowed to take them on board the plane. It's because of the water in the snowglobe."

Yes, America, it's true.  Those two ounces of liquid inside the snowglobe violate the new security regulations.