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Live from New Orleans East

Many of you on the East Coast have now seen the first of this week's two Nightly News broadcasts from New Orleans. Here are a couple photos NBC News interns Kaylee Hartung (left) and Jed Strong (below) took on location.

30 minutes from now on the NBC television network, Brian anchors a primetime special called "Katrina: The Long Road Back." Here's a sneak-peak:

One year ago tonight, we were on the brink of a storm that would shake America like no other: A natural disaster, and the unnatural one that followed, made more tragic because it defied logic.

Tonight at 8 p.m. EDT, Brian Williams reports from outside the Superdome in New Orleans, the very place that last August became a corner in hell. What you'll see tonight has never aired on network television -- some of the pictures were considered too raw to broadcast at the time of Katrina, and they may still be now, but NBC has chosen to air them tonight as part of the one-year anniversary of the storm, and the government response to it.