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Tracking Ernesto

It has been a relatively quiet hurricane season so far.  But that could change in the next few days.  Tropical storm Ernesto is threatening to become the season's first hurricane.  As we approach the one-year anniversary of Katrina, Ernesto looks like it could be headed for the Gulf of Mexico.  It is still several days away, and as we have learned, these storms can change course quickly.  We have two reports tonight.  We'll find out more about the forecast... and NBC's Ron Mott reports from New Orleans on preparations for a hurricane.  Why tonight, they're warning the levee system there may still not be ready.

Also tonight, NBC's Martin Fletcher has the latest from the Middle East on the fragile truce between Hezbollah and Israel... and the 2 Fox News journalists being held hostage in Gaza.

NBC's Charles Sabine has the story from Austria of a girl held captive for eight years.

And NBC's Dawn Fratangelo tells us about the big business of back to school... what has become the second biggest shopping period after Christmas.

It's all coming up tonight.  We hope you'll join us.