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Taking cover in Beirut

This afternoon, we were standing on a hilltop -- our perch over the last several days that overlooks Beirut and is a good vantage point to see much of the city. While we were there watching the Israeli air strikes in southern Beirut, we suddenly heard a very, very loud explosion very close to us. It was loud, so everyone got down. And then, all of a sudden, something launched from the area and it looked like a missile. We saw it leaving the ground, spinning in the air and all of us watched as this thing that looked like a missile turned and started coming straight for us. 

Journalists started scrambling off of the hill and there were a couple of people screaming. It was sparking and spinning like a weapon out of control. It was coming right for us, burning in the sky. And then luckily, it just plummeted to the ground, landed at the bottom of the hill, and no one was hurt.

Now, it may have been, according to Israeli and Lebanese reports, a Hezbollah rocket attempt. We are hearing that may have been the first attempted launch of these super long-range Hezbollah rockets -– the ones that can reach distances up to 100 miles. So what we may have seen coming down near us was a unique kind of rocket that Hezbollah has never successfully launched so far. That still needs to be confirmed, but that is what we are hearing right now.