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The great giveaway

While some will no doubt struggle to find a reason to criticize or fear what happened this weekend (and I note some already have), we have just witnessed the largest single act of financial generosity in American history. What some are calling the "golden era of philanthropy" has now stunningly moved to the next level... with Warren Buffett's decision to systematically part with his billions and to give much of his riches to the already-rich: Bill and Melinda Gates, who have devoted their lives to giving away as much money as they can to causes having to do with worldwide public health and education. It's the most interesting story of the day, and we'll cover it as such on our broadcast tonight. Beyond the fact that Mr. Buffett owns a candy company, a mattress company, an underwear company and a fleet of private jets, the aspect of the story that I love the most is that there are people around this world at this moment whose lives are about to change for the better... but they don't know it yet. For all those who have wondered "what it must be like" to have billions of dollars, today Bill Gates said he wants people to know how much fun it is to give it away.

We'll also take a look at the reports of "draw-down" plans in Iraq, and the attack by the POTUS and VPOTUS today on the New York Times. Speaking of Washington, we'll look at the rising waters and high winds in that city, brought on by some freak storms... and we will show you the damage from the sudden storm at the White House, which resulted in the downing of a famous tree. How famous? You have owned a picture of this tree at some point (perhaps many times, in fact) in your life. I currently have a few of them... and I didn't even know it.

Also in the broadcast tonight: the Comcast repairman, and how Detroit is going to try to make you buy a new car... whether you need it or not.

We hope you can join us for our Monday night effort.