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If it's Wednesday...

...it must be New York. Somewhat worse for wear, I got back to New York from Ghana (via London) in time to attend the afternoon editorial meeting. We are hashing through a number of stories that may land at the top of the broadcast tonight, including our reporting on the bird flu story from Indonesia.  We'll also take a look at the new effort in Iraq, and foreshadow the president's meeting tomorrow with British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Tom Brokaw will join me tonight with a preview of Al Gore's new film, more accurately, a film based on the environmental presentation Gore has been making across the country. We'll also have a piece on the news out of the housing market and what viewers should know about it.

And we'll end tonight on our traveling host of the past several days: Bono. As you'll see, his tour continued for one day without yours truly, though our NBC News cameras and producers chronicled it all so that I was able to pore over it upon arrival back home.

Special thanks to the people at "ONE"(one of the organizations Bono represents) for what I understand were "NBC Nightly News viewing parties" in all 50 U.S. states last night... designed to watch our coverage of Bono's African tour. And special thanks -- and we of course expressed this in person before departing -- to Bono and the good folks he's surrounded himself with.  Calling them an "entourage" gives the affair the whiff of a rock tour, and the truth, as we found out, couldn't be further from that. He has top-flight policy folks briefing him every day, several times a day. There wasn't a fact that came up that he did not know, and it is knowledge he finds essential during his meetings with aid workers and heads of State. It was a whirlwind tour, and I'm chiefly proud of our contribution of attention to the cause. 

We hope you'll join us tonight.