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Developing Stories

We are following several developing stories tonight.  One of them is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where police are investigating a shooting at a church.  Authorities say a gunman walked into the church killed 4 people, then killed his wife and was later captured by police.  We are hoping to have more information on tonight's broadcast.

From Iraq, a new promise from Iraqi leaders that "maximum force" will be used to stop the violence.  However, there was another bombing at a restaurant in Baghdad today that killed at least 12 people.  What does this new government mean for U.S troops in Iraq and how much longer will they stay there?  NBC's Jim Maceda is in Baghdad.

All of us who watched yesterday's Preakness were saddened by the sight of "Barbero" limping down the track.  The horse's leg was broken in 3 places and is undergoing surgery at this hour.  NBC's Mike Taibbi will bring us an update tonight.

NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports from Florida tonight on the recent alligator attacks in that state ... and why we are seeing more of them this year.

Those are just a few of the stories we're following tonight.  We hope to see you then.