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Dems blast GOP & big oil

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and some friends were on camera this afternoon to deliver a rhetorical beat-down of President Bush and his "rubber stamp" Congress, and to apply the charge of "corruption, cronyism, and incompetence" to the current price of gas.

"These people can't help themselves. They are so tied to big oil that they can't grasp what energy independence is," said Pelosi. Due to this fact, she said "only Democrats" can solve the nation's energy problems.

What about those GOP charges of obstruction?

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. It's appalling that they would even resort to that pathetic approach," she said, and went on to list her familiar complaints about the Bush energy bills: They were written behind closed doors by and for energy companies, which benefited by $12 billion worth of subsidies as a result.

Pelosi, along with Dems. Stupak, Clyburn, and DeLauro, called for greater development of alternative energy sources like bio fuels.  "Let's look to the Midwest, not the Mideast," she said.

They were not optimistic about the possibility of the FTC investigation showing results. "It's going to be another whitewash by this White House," said Stupak. "It should be the shortest and cheapest investigation in history. All that is required is for the president to make a short trip to the mirror," said Clyburn.