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On tonight's broadcast

Here in the Nightly newsroom tonight, all of our thoughts are with Brian and his family (link). Here's what we have coming up on the broadcast.

We begin with Brian's exclusive interview with former FEMA director Michael Brown who was fired after Hurricane Katrina. Brown shares some of the e-mails he wrote during the crisis and voices his frustration at the administration, claiming he was hung out to dry.

David Gregory has the latest on the port controversy. The deal to give control over operations of some of the America's busiest ports to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates has been delayed. He'll explain what that means and what happens now.

Also one of the most popular novels of all time is at the middle of a lawsuit, and that could delay the launch of "The Da Vinci Code" movie.

Finally... an insider's look at Mardi Gras. The lingo, the customs and costumes... from Hoda Kotb.

I'll see you tonight.