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Iraq on Edge

Despite the unusual daytime curfew today in Baghdad, there was more violence.  We learned this afternoon that President Bush spent about an hour on the phone  calling Iraqi leaders today about the recent violence.   He praised the leaders for their calls for restraint in the wake of Wednesday's mosque bombing and he condemned the destruction of the Golden Mosque and the loss of life.
The question now is whether Iraqi leaders can stop the violence and avoid a potential civil war.
  NBC's Mike Boettcher is in Baghdad... and NBC's Rosiland Jordan will have the latest tonight from the White House.

As Mardi Gras gets going in New Orleans, we have an interesting story from NBC's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers tonight about the more delays for survivors of hurricane Katrina getting housing assistance from FEMA.

We'll talk about the controversy over the deal with Dubia Ports to take of the operations of some of the ports in this country.

And from Torino tonight the story on the science and the art of waxing skis to give the world class races the edge. It's all coming up tonight on Nightly News.  We hope to see you then.