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Breaking his silence

We have conducted an exclusive interview with the former head of FEMA, Michael Brown, a small portion of which will air this evening on the broadcast. Most of our conversation with him will air during our remote broadcasts from New Orleans on Monday and Tuesday. Effective today and with the six-month anniversary approaching, he has broken his silence on a number of aspects of the Katrina debacle -- and chiefly about where the blame should be placed for what happened in the aftermath. 

Also in the broadcast tonight: the dodged bullet in Saudi Arabia and on worldwide oil markets with the apparent foiled bombing today...the situation in Iraq...the move to re-classify government documents already in the public domain... making sense of recent medical studies... and making sense of the Olympic results for the U.S. team.

We are busy preparing material for tonight and for next week's broadcasts. We wish you a good weekend and hope you'll join us tonight.