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Transatlantic update

If it's Wednesday, it must be New York, meaning we're back home. It will be interesting for all on our travel team to now get to view the Olympics like a viewer: at home, where they should be watched, surrounded by family on the couch, where I do a decent job every four years pretending to be excited about a well-executed triple toe-loop. It was a great privilege to have been there. It's also a welcome sight on the in-house monitor to see Studio 3C going through lighting and camera checks, having been "dark" for so many straight weekdays.

On the broadcast tonight, we will examine the significance of the bombing of a nearly 1,200-year-old shrine in Iraq, an incident some have theorized could explode exponentially from here, and become the "tipping point" for Iraqi-against-Iraqi violence, if not outright Civil War. We'll also update the port security story... and tonight we hope to add some context to the debate with an additional piece.

How about that Bode Miller? We'll be mentioning his name in the broadcast tonight, and here's a hint: it WON'T be in connection with his Olympic successes on the slopes.

We do have a wonderful spot tonight that represents a great piece of reporting by our own Kevin Tibbles. A die-hard hockey fan himself, Kevin knows one when he sees one. He's found an unforgettable bunch... we'll introduce them tonight.

It's great to be back on home ice. We sure hope you'll join us tonight.