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Serious professionals just doing their jobs

Cameraman Doug Vogt had it all figured out. He was set, settled, snug. Doug looked relaxed as we were having a drink at our bureau in Baghdad a few months ago. 

He told me how much he loved his house in southern France and that he was working less and spending more time with his family, finally. Doug had arrived at that elusive place in his life where he wanted to be, spending about half the year as a gentleman farmer (fixing his house, playing with his kids), and the other half paying for it by working in the worst war zones in the world.

There's a deplorable tendency among those of us who report in Baghdad to blame the victim. I think it makes us feel better to say, "They took too many risks." But that's impossible to do this time. 

Bob Woodruff and Doug are serious, well-prepared and disciplined professionals. I have worked with both of them. They were just doing their job, and were unlucky.

Editor's note: You can read the rest of Richard's post in Blogging Baghdad.