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Friday on Nightly

If you are checking in the The Daily Nightly... then chances are you are also doing a lot of your holiday shopping on-line. However, retailers are reporting that many of you (after recovering from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast) DID set out today for the local mall and the traditional black Friday bonanza. Numbers are up over last year... between three and six percent. One of the reasons, Chief Financial Correspondent Anne Thompson tell us, is that there are serious bargains to be found. Apparently retailers took a beating last year in part because they didn't slash prices. Well, this year look for deals galore. And what does this mean for the economy as a whole? Better than expected? We'll take a look tonight.

Also... a lot of you generously donated to relief and humanitarian organizations to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Tonight, there are new reports of scammers taking advantage of some of that generosity. Pete Williams found one guy who apparently set up a Web site where he sent out appeals for help. He told people he was a pilot flying in relief supplies to victims in New Orleans... and flying out evacuees. People sent him about $40,000 to help. Only problem... prosecutors say much of what this guy was telling people on his Web site just wasn't true. There are also new reports of FEMA sending checks to people who claimed to have lost their homes. Turns out, they never had homes to lose. It is incredibly frustrating given how many people really do need help. Tonight we'll look at some of these cases... and what the government is doing is about it.

Then... talk about a novel approach to problem solving. We are going to tell you about the British government's attempts to crack down on binge drinking. Pubs in Great Britain used to close every night around 11 p.m. And just before closing apparently people were knocking back a few too many. So the government has decided to now keep pubs open 24 hours a day. The theory is that this will discourage people from slamming the beers back fast at the end of the night. But is this a solution??? Keith Miller is going to take us to the 24-hour pub party now underway.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. We'll see you later tonight.