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Monday potpourri

As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, I was asked today to introduce a speech by Senator Joe Biden, D-Del., and later moderate a question-and-answer session.  His remarks yielded some news. I think, in the post-Murtha era, the ranking Democrat on Senate Foreign Relations was anxious to put his position out on the public record.

I arrived back at 30 Rock to find that every television was tuned to the live-action cable drama of the day: the stuck landing gear on a Gulfstream jet carrying the Nike CEO and other senior executives.  While we obviously were hoping for a safe outcome, it did make me think of the posting of John Reiss, our executive producer... on the coverage decisions we make. The Gulfstream (for aviation buffs, it was a G-V) is a fine aircraft and landed safely.

In tonight's broadcast: today's news from GM and its ramifications. We'll have two reports on that single topic.  Chip Reid will update us (Sen. Biden's remarks will be included in his wrap-up) on the debate over the war in Iraq, and Mike Taibbi has an excellent piece out of New Orleans on the end of the credit "grace period" for many people there -- and the looming decision for some -- to come back home or stay in their new homes elsewhere. That decision, by thousands of families, could slowly kill New Orleans. That is the worry. Our popular MAKING A DIFFERENCE series continues with a new twist tonight: Josh Mankiewicz, an NBC News veteran (also a friend and contemporary) whose work is seen mostly on Dateline, will make a rare foray onto America's leading nightly news broadcast with a look at a Los Angeles-based screenwriter who is -- you guessed this next part -- making a difference in a very real way for the kids in that city.

Also tonight, we'll mention the passing of the last living WWI veteran who was a participant in the famous Christmas Truce gift exchange over enemy lines in 1914. As the New York Times reported it back on December 31, 1914:

On Christmas morning, two British soldiers, after signaling truce and good-fellowship from the perilous crown of their trench, walked across to the German line with a plate of mince pies and garniture and seasonable messages. They were most favorably received.

Where has that style of writing gone?

B 4 I go I wud like to wish U all a good Monday. lol.

We hope you'll join us tonight.