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Annoyed in Port Arthur

It's easy to miss Port Arthur, Texas. It's small and far from the interstate. It's hardly ever been the victim of a direct "hit" -- and when it was, like during Hurricane Rita, people's attention were already turned to New Orleans.

That has people here annoyed.

More than once today, we met folks who thought media coverage out of New Orleans was excessive, that it ignored the plight of those here who waited for food and delivery trucks just like everyone else. There's talk of pride here, too -- pride that Texans don't complain, even when times are tough.

Tonight, we'll take you to Port Arthur and explain why it's easy to overlook towns like this. When you drive through town, it doesn't look bad. At least, not at FIRST. Rita's storm surge didn't get far inland here. Many businesses are up and running. Restaurants are serving limited menus.

But travel to the back neighborhoods, and you realize that thousands of roofs were damaged by the high winds. That means water ruined houses by dripping in from above -- not flooding them from below. It means residents, workers and doctors still haven't moved back. It means the wait is long to get contractors to come visit. It is, in effect, a moderate but maddeningly slow pace of recovery.