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Halloween after a hurricane

It's Halloween today. Even in the hurricane zone.

But what does your candy-craving, 8-year-old do when all the homes in the neighborhood have been damaged? When residents still haven't moved back, much less put M&M's by the front door? Nearly two months after Katrina, did this hurricane season steal Halloween, too?

Not quite. Tonight, in a town not far from us called Nederland, Texas, we hear they're having a "Trunk n' Treat." Families are encouraged to drive their cars to Boston Avenue, dump candy in the trunk and pass it out to kids who'll be canvassing the row of traffic. It's a way to help restore the tradition for kids who may still not be able to understand the reach of the storms' damage.

This afternoon we met the administrator of a local hospital here in Port Arthur. He has a 10-year-old. We asked what he was going as for Halloween. He said, "Death." (He'll wear a robe and carry a sickle.)