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One tidbit you won't see tonight

We've covered about 100 miles on our road trip through Alabama today. Done six interviews and shot five tapes using three cameras... all of which now goes by satellite to our Chicago bureau. There they will edit it and then beam the finished product to New York and Nightly News.

So far the hardest part is figuring out what won't make it in to the spot. My story can only run 90 to 95 seconds. One part I wanted to get in but won't have time for came from Foley. The assistant manager of the Super 8, who I mentioned in an earlier post, sent us an e-mail telling of the good being done to help Katrina victims. But there has also been some bad. Her normal snowbird vacationers from up north have been calling asking if the crime rate in Foley has gone up as a result of all the evacuee. Laura Palmer says she gets furious over those calls. She blames them on the looting images out of New Orleans.

Our race through Alabama is over for today. Up in Chicago, for the edit team, it's only just begun.

More tomorrow from Mississippi.