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Black Friday

There is little I can or should add to what we've watched transpire today. I've been on the set of Nightly News since 9:00 a.m., and I should quickly point out that our whole team... correspondents, analysts, camera crews, producers, assignment desk personnel... have all been on a hair-trigger and working enormously hard today to cover this story and report it accurately.

I just keep thinking: now we know. Now we know why some of those witnesses were called. Now we know about the role of the journalists in this case (which will be debated and argued over for years to come), now we know the allegations, now we know that Mr. Fitzgerald (apparently) studies baseball closely, confesses to no party leanings and cannot wait to sleep in his own bed in Chicago. I heard the name Elliot Ness used to describe Mr. Fitzgerald today. I've been thanked by several people for pointing out on the air the derivation of Mr. Libby's nickname: an early admiration for Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto, the famed Yankee shortstop. Also, during our live coverage earlier today, Tim Russert explained in detail the substance of his contact (tangential and non-Plame-related, it turns out) with Mr. Libby that caused such speculation. As often happens to those of us working in this business: since our energy goes into live coverage of events like today's... (being on the "giving" end deprives us of the viewing experience, but that's a trade-off we gladly make to do what we love) it will take days of reflection and reading of analysis to soak in exactly what transpired and what's next.

We are putting together the broadcast now, no easy feat on a night like this.

I want to thank those of you who e-mailed us to say that I don't hate America.

I am guessing Meet the Press will have a huge viewing audience on Sunday, as will all shows political in nature.

I heartily recommend Tom Brokaw's special on NBC tonight, "In God They Trust." And since many of you have expressed a desire to see the documentary we put together on New Orleans for the Sundance Channel (and I'm finding that many of you, like me, don't get the Sundance Channel) we hope to soon announce an outlet where it will air on one of the NBC Cable networks.

We will next be on alert for a fast nomination to the Supreme Court. We note that Harriett Miers was among those on Marine One today, flying to Camp David with the President where he and Mrs. Bush will celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

We wish all of you a good weekend, safe and restful, and hope you'll join us tonight.